The Speech Academy

The Speech Academy

The Speech Academy is a communications institute that offers a speech and language-based academic program for students. It serves students ages five to fourteen, with the aim of improving the communication skills of those who are challenged by their speech and language abilities. In addition to helping children develop their skills, the school also invites parents to observe the program. The academy’s program teaches students how to use their words effectively, as well as providing training in public speaking, elocution, and executive presence.

Seham is a Senior Speech Pathologist who studied a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) at the University of Sydney. She has been working in private practice and non-profit organizations for over thirty years. She has expertise in the areas of Autism, cognitive-communication disorders, and social skills. She is a member of Speech Pathology Australia and enjoys building capacity and supports for other children. Her clinical skills are further expanded through further professional development courses and experiences 스피치학원.

The Speech Academy provides a full range of therapy services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy. Services are customized to meet individual needs, and are integrated into the student’s daily school day. These therapies may include visual-motor integration, speech fluency drills, and core vocabulary generalization. Therapy services may also address auditory-perception, speech and language processing application to all academic areas, and remediation. A student’s academic goals are determined by their individual speech and language levels and their social and behavioral needs. If an assessment determines that a child is eligible for The Speech Academy’s program, the school provides an application form and invites parents to tour the facility. Enrollment is dependent on the availability of space, the student’s peer group, and other factors. Parents can also inquire about the program through physicians or other agencies.

Mariam is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and a member of Speech Pathology Australia. She has completed several professional development courses, including Hanen More Than Words (MTW), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Read 3: Building Language and Literacy, and We Thinkers (Volumes 1 and 2). Besides being passionate about helping children, she also enjoys spending time with her family. She has a passion for supporting children and families, particularly those from diverse backgrounds. She is interested in working with children in the early intervention years and transition to school.

To help ensure that each student succeeds, The Speech Academy evaluates their academic, social, and behavioral needs. This includes an intake interview, an evaluation of the student’s academic, speech, and language capabilities, and a parent/student/academic teacher conference. The student’s goals are then developed and taught to the entire staff. In addition to the core curriculum, regular enrichment classes are offered to support and augment the program. By combining an academic program with a specialized and individualized approach, the academy helps students become life-long learners.

The Speech Academy’s mission is to empower children with hearing loss to reach their full potential. Its programs focus on teaching spoken and written communication, as well as elocution, public speaking, and accent softening.