The Elements of a Product Detail Page

The Elements of a Product Detail Page

The detail page is an important part of an ecommerce site and can play a vital role in converting visitors to customers. It should be carefully designed to meet the needs of the target consumer and present a hierarchy of product details in a way that is intuitive to their needs.

The Product Title

A bold and concise product title is the most important element of a product detail page. It should entice users to click on the product and take action. In addition, it should be descriptive and convey the value proposition of the product to the customer 상세 페이지.

Product Description

Besides the title and product image, the most important element of a product detail pages is its description. The description should provide an overview of the product, including its size, features, and price. It should be written with the same voice as the product image and title, and should also be clear and simple.

Product Images

Since online buyers can’t physically touch and experience a product, high-quality images are critical to their decision-making process. They should include multiple shots from different angles of the product and should be able to change color based on a viewer’s selection.

These images are often called campaign or lifestyle photos, and can also include shots that show a product in use or in a home setting. This helps potential customers see how the product will fit in their lives and feel more confident in making a purchase.

Product Reviews

90% of consumers read reviews before they make a purchase, and these reviews should be included on the product detail page for added credibility. The reviews should be positive and encourage the buyer to read other reviews for more information.


A product detail page should also have a section that allows users to leave feedback. This is a great way to build customer loyalty and ensure that the user receives the best possible experience on your site.

Pricing and Shipping

A valid product price is essential on a product detail page, as it can influence whether a customer makes a purchase. In addition, it can help shoppers quickly determine if the product is within their budget or not. A valid price also helps to establish trust between your brand and a consumer.

Free and Fast Shipments

A free or fast shipping option is a key factor for many shoppers, especially if they are a first-time buyer. A product detail page with this information can increase conversions and boost average order values.

Product Ratings and Reviews

A global product review is an excellent way to give a sense of a brand’s reliability. It can be an effective tool to convert hesitant customers into customers who are more likely to make purchases again.

It can also be a way for customers to find out more about the quality of a product and to get feedback from their peers. A global review is also a way to increase visibility on Amazon.